Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Athletics Day Tomorrow

ATHLETICS DAY – Wednesday November 20th

Our Athletics day will be held on Wednesday the 20th of November.  Below is the expected schedule of the day.

This year the Year One children will take part in a separate event from the rest of the school. This will be a ‘have a go’ tabloid like event, with fun activities run by the Sports Academy.

9.15am Year One events will start and run until 10.15am

10.30 - Year 2 - 6 events will take place. This will run till approximately 1pm. Children may go home at the conclusion of these events if you wish to take them, but please sign them out.

Children will need to come along in appropriate clothing to run and jump in. They will also need their hat, sunscreen and water. A jumper is also a good idea just in case it is cold. It would be wonderful to see as many adults as possible wearing hats as well.

Events on this day will include shot put, discus, high jump and sprints, with a rest time also scheduled in. The emphasis of this day is for the children to have fun through competition.

If it is wet the event will be cancelled, a decision will be made by 8.30am.

As our Year 4 - 6 children need to take part in order to qualify for the Whangarei Competition, we will find time to run these events. We will do our best to notify you about when this will happen, but please understand this time of the year is pretty full on and there are time constraints around qualification.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Thank you to Pub Charity

A huge thank you to Pub Charity for their recent donation.  This donation has been used to support the purchase of decodable readers for our school.  These play a vital role in supporting the learning of reading and we couldn't purchase these without donations such as this!

Supported by the following venues:
Onerahi Tavern
Poroti Tavern
The Grand Hotel (Whangarei)

Thursday, September 12, 2019

2019 Cross Country

Thank you to John Cook for capturing this day in photos.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ag and Flower Day Organisation - Friday 20th of September

Agricultural and Flower Day -Friday 20th September

Family Challenge

5 + a day challenge fruit vege creation - this is a family challenge. Use fruit and vegetables to create an animal. Everyone is welcome to enter this challenge, however it is not compulsory. Please send your entries into the space (the old library.) These will be judged along with all other items on the day at 10.30am. Please do not take these items away until they have been viewed after judging.

These Items will be made on the day: Please note, some items require things to be provided

Aqua Jar - Completed at school, bring an appropriate flower to stick to the lid and a clean jar without a label if you have one. - (rooms 6 - 10 only)

Paper Vase of Flowers and Headband (Room 1 - 5 only)- Bring flowers appropriate to stick to paper with long stalks. 
Spring Craft - class choice (Classroom teacher will let you know if anything is needed from home.)

Buttonhole - (Room 6 - 10 only) Bring a flower and foliage that are suitable for a

Miniature Garden - (Room 6-10 only)- Accessories from home, will be discussed in class.
Vaseline saucer

(Children will need to bring a saucer or plastic lid and some flowers that have good petals. They will also need vaseline if they have any, but otherwise classes will provide this)
Children need to take this home at the end of the day.

The items highlighted in yellow, need to be brought along on the day in a named plastic bag, container or bucket. If you have extra flowers, you don’t mind sharing, that would be great as some children won’t have any.

Organisation of the day:

9 - 10.30pm - Completion of items (10.30 judging begins)

10.30 - Ag day animals start to be judged out on field.

11.00 - Morning Tea (Ag day animals will continue to be judged at this time.)

11.30 - Rooms available for viewing. Children view other classes together in class lots.

from home.

12.15pm - Lunch time. (Ag day animals will continue to be judged during this time)

1.30pm - Conclusion of Lunch time. Children return to class.

Children may go home early, but do not have to, as class will resume as normal. If you take your child home, please sign them out at the office and let their teacher know.

**Food will be available on the day provided by the PSG

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


The track-a-thon was a great success, we were lucky with the weather and it was great to see children dressed up!

We were very surprised by how many laps the children walked/ran in the hour.

Class Totals:

Room One - 499 laps
Room Three - 274 laps
Room Four - 313 laps
Room Five - 250 laps
Room Six - 293 laps
Room Seven - 421 laps
Room Eight - 377 laps
Room Nine - 372 laps
Room Ten - 325 laps

Top walkers/runners in each room:

Room One- Tom with 19 laps
Room Three - Oakley with 24 laps
Room Four - Mack and Braxton with 22 laps each
Room Five - Dylan with 23 laps
Room Six - Cooper with 26 laps
Room Seven - Micah with 31 laps
Room Eight - William with 30 laps
Room Nine - Jayden with 25 laps
Room Ten - Ollie with 27 laps

The bike track is 378.4m

As a school we walked 1219.96 Km,  which is basically all the way to Christchurch.

Please return all sponsorship money by Friday the 30th.  Every small amount counts, so please get it in to us, this fundraising makes a big difference to our children!

Friday, August 16, 2019


Tuesday 20th of August

Track-a-Thon Information

  • Children will eat morning tea early during class time.
  • 11.20am all children will gather on court ready to start at 11.30am.
  • Classes will have staggered starts around the bike track.
  • Each child will carry a card to collect lap tally marks.
  • Children will collect a tally mark from their teacher after each completed lap.
  • At 12.30pm all students will return to their teacher and the teacher will record laps completed by each child. Children will then take home their tally card.
  • At 12.30pm we will all gather on the court and spot prizes will be presented.
  • At 12.30pm sausages and cake will be available.

  • Children may run or walk.
  • Children may dress up if they want, anything goes.
  • Music will be playing for the hour of run/walk time.

If you have not got on to getting sponsorship yet, please do so. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Cross Country - 13/08/19

Start Time - 10.15am – Children will assemble on the courts

Please note time is approximate, some races will run faster or slower than expected.  Year zero and one run around the bike track, so will need shoes on the day. For all other children, shoes are optional.

Year 0’s - 10.15
Year 1’s - 10.20
Year 2’s - 10.25
Year 3’s and any 7 year olds (as at the 1st of Jan) 10.35

Morning Tea - 10.45am

8yrs - 11.30 - Junior Trophy
9yrs - 11.50 - Middle Trophy
10+yrs - 12.10 - Senior Trophy
Age in Senior races is as at the 1st of January to align ourselves with the Whangarei Event.